Email Marketing Templates

  • Coravin Q3 Survey Email Template

Email Marketing Templates for Coravin, Inc. (above)

Marketing Success Program: Selling Tool

Success Program: Selling Tool for Wintac/Davisware (above)

Web Banners

and Display Ads

Web Banners for Med School Coach (above)




Display Ads for the Unitarian Universalist Association’s General Assembly Annual Conference (above)

Robin DiAngelo, New York Times Bestselling Author, Video Interview Thumbnail and End Slide (above)

Web Banner and Ad for Faithify (above)

Web Banner and Ad for Wake Now Our Vision (above)



Social ads for the UU the Vote campaign (above)

Marketing Strategy

Social Media Strategy Page 1 out of 7 for TEAM IMPACT (above)



Coravin Promotional Ad for South America (above)


Worship Web App Ads for Twitter (above  top) and Google Play (above bottom)

Unitarian Universalist Association Event Post on Facebook (above)


Instagram post for Lukas Cash, Founder of Rev Lacrosse

Cytiva Linked In event ads (below)